Thursday, February 28, 2013

Star Wars......Dang Dang Dang.....

Star Wars..... mmmmm.. everyone one knows Star Wars! Now my son has been introduced to Star Wars, he is sold. Big time fan now. Day and night.... I hear 'schoo schooeen...zzzt....zzt....', see hand gestures like the hands have some magical force opening doors.....etc.....

Recently we got a free Lego book from Borders (thru persistence, I got it for free!). Reese reads it day and night. He talks about Star Wars day and night. He saw all 6 episodes of Star Wars movies.... he is now into Clone Wars. Daddy downloaded Season 1 and 2.

Free Star Wars The Visual Dictionary! and R reading Star Wars related books. See the other 2 kids? they are also reading Star Wars books. 

The daddy is happiest because we have started our Star Wars Lego collection. The son plays with the figurines and the daddy builds (son helps a little) the ships. They talk about Star Wars all the time, they watch Youtube videos of people showing off their Lego Star Wars.... crazy..... tell me, what is so great about Star Wars??? I just cannot understand.

Reese's first drawings of Star Wars

 The daddy built the Tie-Advance ship with whatever Lego bricks we have. This was before we started to buy Lego Star Wars. 

Another of Daddy's creation. The X-Wing. Must salute the daddy!! 

The 1st and 2nd set of Lego Star Wars we bought recently

We are doomed! We started collecting Star Wars Lego. They are ridiculously expensive here in Malaysia and yet...... *sigh* The daddy just ordered the Millennium Falcon.... both the daddy and son are excited and eagerly waiting for it come. The daddy has every excuse to collect his Star Wars Lego now!

Battle out in the jungle. We built a little jungle.

Discussing and watching Youtube and drooling over other people's Star Wars Lego

I am a Jedi Knight!

Mummy helped make little props with shrink plastic! See the 'electric zap zap'? 

His reward if he finishes his math worksheets! Why are the Star Wars figurines so expensive? On average, each figurine is between RM30- RM80!

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