Monday, February 25, 2013

Drama Class 2013

Reese started drama class more than a month ago with a group of homeschoolers. It was quite a roller coaster ride so far. At times he is fine in class and at times... not so. Both teachers are very accommodating and understanding. 

Reese did the unthinkable on his 1st lesson when he called one of the teachers a 'useless piece of junk' because the teacher refused to let him do another presentation... I was in total shocked and was really upset. My child has never uttered any unkind words toward others and this was totally shocking. Anyway.... he was punished. I removed his iPad for a week and no comics for a month. He has learned his lesson. In fact, toward the second week he said I will not call teacher X rude words, I will call her ROMANTIC teacher X! Ha ha!

Drawing before class

Pretending to be a dragon

Working with one of the teachers

At first hubby was apprehensive whether we should spent so much money on this class because our son doesn't seem to participate well. Most of the time he prefers to do things his way. What hubby said was true but I know this class will be beneficial to him in the long run. Reese will learn to cooperate with others and take better instruction from his teachers. It is good exposure for him. If we keep saying he is not ready for group classes, he will never be ready. We have to start somewhere and wasting money in order to get the right exposure is necessary. 

We took Reese to watch a stage play (Ma Liang and the Magic Paint Brush) recently. Nothing fancy and with minimal stage props yet this is perhaps one of the most enjoyable play Reese has ever been because it engaged the children very well and the children got to play a part in it! Totally interactive. I loved it too. It was by Bites of Delights a local production with young and friendly actors. I can see they really love children. Do keep a look out for the next. You can check here for children theatres

See my super excited son? Reese even volunteered to sing a CNY song on stage! He sang a CNY song that was totally out of tune! hahaha.... totally no fear on stage.

Young actors

Reese getting involved in a scene

Kids having lots of fun during the play

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ykristen said...

Hi I read about your homeschooling achievements and of your teaching Year 8 students. I have an eight year old Standard 2 daughter who has slight Turner syndrome. Am concerned that she may not be able to catch up with her classmates in school so am asking on your classes details such as scheduling, subjects etc. If possible we can visit you and discuss. Please email me at - I am in Subang USJ btw