Thursday, March 22, 2012

What are we learning lately?

After coming back from the holidays, it took us a bit of time to go back to our usual routine. We started our schooling last week. We just completed The Charlotte's Web which Reese loves. I also got the cartoon for him to watch! We are now reading The Family Under the Bridge. It talks about the life of a hobo and his encounter with a poor family with 3 kids living under a bridge in Paris. For bedtime stories, I am reading Missionary Stories with the Millers with him. It can be a bit graphic at times but it is rich with wonderful real life stories from around the world. For social studies we are learning about people of the world and their culture and also tribal people living in remote places in different parts of the world. Science for this month is fun. We just finished learning about the human bones. Now Reese is quite an expert in telling you the different bones you have in your body and their functions too! 

Reading quietly on his own. This is quite common whenever mummy is not free to be with him.
He is learning about world religions while eating yogurt for snack.  
First mapping activity for this year. I was totally surprised that he can tell me 90% of the places we have come across in our studies so far. Crazy! 
For science we are learning about animal kingdom. Currently we are looking at animals found in Central and South America
Reese can easily recall the habitats of various animals by just reading about it once or twice with  me. Seriously! I want some of his memory power.
His invented map of Galapagos Islands. Complete with a map key but doesn't match....hehehehe...
We are also using the magic school bus experiment kit on human body and just completed The Search for the Missing Bones chapter book. 
Contents in the experiment kit. It comes with a guide with facts and step by step instructions .  It has most of the basic materials needed for the experiments. You will need to add a few things that you can easily find in your home.
The kit also comes with a life size poster where you can stick the different parts of  organs and bones .
Sticking the stickers
One of our experiment. Extraction of calcium from chicken bones.  Sounds sophisticated eh? Haha... Just get some chicken bones and soak them in vinegar overnight and then try bending them. It is to show that without calcium, bones will be soft. The vinegar is used to remove the calcium. :)


CL said...

cool experiment!! hehehe.. I will try this with my girl. Thanks for sharing it. Eh.. where can I get a copy of the magic school bus experiment kit?

BabyBooned said...

I am always amazed when i read reese's lessons' progress :) i'm gona do the chicken experiment with gibran hehe

A gift from God said...

The chicken bones did bend!! It's fun.

Serene said...

Hi, I am currently scratch my head of how to teach my 6yrs daughter about the globe, mapping and social studies. Amazing that Reese able to know 90% about the map. Would you mind to share the material you are using to cover for those area? Thank you.

A gift from God said...

Hi Serene,

First of all, Reese doesn't know 90% of the world map only 90% of what he has covered so far. :)

We use Sonlight program for our social studies. You can go to for further information. Look at their Core programs.

We do not have a specific book to teach mapping skills. As we read books from science, history, read-aloud and readers, if there is a country that we do not know, we will look it up on the map and more info from the internet.

You can start by introducing your girl to the continents of the world. That is a good way to start and tell her where she lives! :)

Hope this help. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. Where can i buy the magic school bus experiment kit? thanks


A gift from God said...

Hi Anonymous,

I got mine from Scholastic book club. This club is run by kindy, schools and enrichment centers. You can check with your child's school. :)