Monday, March 19, 2012

Art at 5 years 5 months+

Reese is crazy over Chinese Architecture lately thanks to watching Kung Fu Panda II.

Gongmen City (Kung Fu Panda II)
Broken Chinese wooden house
Gongmen City (Kung Fu Panda II)
Gongmen City (Kung Fu Panda II)
Gongmen City (Kung Fu Panda II) with fireworks
Pen sketch of Gongmen City
Pencil sketch of Tokyo city
Ship wrecked in Gongmen city
Thneed Factory (The Lorax)


MommyAngel said...

OMG ........ really cannot believe that it's drawings from a 5 Y.O.!!!! I really love the Broken Chinese wooden house and the Gongmen City drawings .... they looked so real!!!!!

Any plan/plans for his gifted great talent in arts?

A gift from God said...


:) We as parents are also amazed by his talent.

I have been asking around for recommendation for proper art teacher to guide Reese but so far none yet. :(

So for now, just let him draw and develop at his own pace.

Don't know anyone in the art scene who might be able to help.

mumsgather said...

His art is really amazing. A natural talent. I love the one with the fireworks.

A gift from God said...

Thanks mumsgather! :)