Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jadi Batek visit

Today we went to Jadi Batik for a batik painting class with some homeschoolers. There was suppose to be a tour and then batik painting. We did not go for the tour but went straight to do a piece of batik painting. Reese chose to draw on a canvas instead of a t-shirt. It's RM50 but we got a 30% group discount. 

They have many designs for you to choose from. Once you have chosen a design, you will have to trace it using pencil on your canvas/t-shirt. Then a staff will trace it again using hot wax (you can do it yourself if you can handle hot wax). Next you will be given a few colors to paint over the waxed drawing. 

Once done, be prepared to come back another day to collect your masterpiece. They will set the colors by washing and chemical treament and later make a simple frame for you. 

Reese decided to draw his own design instead. So he drew his latest craze. Chinese homes. :) He did everything on his own and in less than 45 minutes. He enjoyed it very much. 

Full concentration

A staff member applying hot wax over Reese's drawing

All ready for painting

Having fun painting

Beautiful. Reese was experimenting with the blending and mixing of colors. He claimed those  were aurora lights in the sky!

He asked me not to disturb him!

All done. According to Reese this is a drawing of aurora lights over China's skyline but later changed his mind and said it was actually a spelled cast by a witch over whole of China. :)

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