Saturday, March 03, 2012

We are finally home!

So, our flight got delayed by a day and we were lucky to be put on the priority list (Reese being sick) to fly back! First thing in the morning we went to the airport to check-in and there were many angry passengers who didn't get to board the plane. Security personnel were on hand to keep watch. One passenger literary threw his passport to the lady in charge and told her that she is responsible for him and he walked off! So much drama. The ones that didn't make it for this flight will probably only fly to KL in another day if they are lucky or else it would be in 2 days time! 

Reese was weak and feverish throughout the flight home. We bought the hot seats but were not given those and were cramped in the usual seats. It was difficult when you have a sick child. Poor Reese was actually very good and he was in and out of sleep with a little whine. He was coughing and nose was runny.  Poor boy, hardly ate any food. That almost 12 hours flight was so hard to get through but we did it. 

We were soooooooo glad to be home and immediately crashed out upon arriving home. So tired were we that even lunch we couldn't eat much. Dinner was better and Reese is now happily sleeping. :)

We were in Paris for 5 nights only managed to enjoy 1 day! The rest of the days were spent in the studio apartment eating take-out Turkish food and instant pasta, fruits, yogurt and sausages. Luckily the studio comes with a full kitchen and Carrefour was just down the street. On the day our plane was delayed, we stayed in an airport hotel (IbisHotel) and all our meals (buffet) were taken care off. 

So that was the end to our holiday of the year.  :)

Reese at a clinic in Paris before being taken to the hospital
At the clinic while waiting for a taxi to take him to the hospital
Reese at the Necker Enfant Hospital in Paris
Even though sick, he was thrilled to be on a wheel chair! Kept asking for it.
The lovely doctor who checked Reese
Ibis Hotel near Orly Airport

Our hotel room courtesy of AirAsia
Drawing while passing time
Once I get my energy back I will blog about each places we visited in detail with some lovely pictures. 


MeRy said...

Home sweet home...
How is your boy today? gets better?

Linda said...

Not too bad after all...:)... Get over your jet lag soon ok...

Leona said...

Oh dear oh dear. Just read all ur posts...din know that the Reese fell sick...
That must be really really hard.Esp in a foreign country.
Anyway, get rest now. U and Reese. Probably need a few days to recuperate...

A gift from God said...

Thank you MeRy we are all well and just glad to be home!


Thank you. It's not bad at all.... hahahah... but a little bit of phobia of traveling at the moment... :)

You have no idea how bad it was! Hahahah.... now phobia!