Thursday, March 29, 2012

Super Easy and Fun Experiments

Homemade Lava Lamp
1 Big clear bottle, Oil (RM3.30), food coloring (1.90), Alka Selzer (2 for RM2 and you can get it at Guardian Phamacy)
Put in 1/4 water, then fill up the bottle with oil
Let the oil settle a little
Add a few drops of food coloring (Go with dark colors!)
It will take a minute or so for the color to blend in the water
Add the Alka Selzer bits (break the tablet into a few pieces) and see the action! We used orange food coloring and can't see much
We then add a few drops of blue and it's clearer. Reese had fun and asked for more Alka Selza tablets...we only bought 2! Need to get more if you want the action to last longer. Each tablet probably give you a minute or so fun.
Naked Egg (In progress)
Remember I did the extraction of calcium from chicken bones? It worked and the bones did bend easily. With the same concept, we soak an egg in vinegar. The vinegar will remove the calcium and eventually the entire egg shell will disappear. Soak it for at least 30 hours or more to see the naked egg.

Raw egg soaked in vinegar (RM1.90)
After more than 12 hours, you can see white foams all over and the egg shell is turning white. Reese kept saying awesome, the shell is slowly disappearing! He is so excited.

Update after 2 days

Egg is 98% naked. We can see the inside of the egg. Egg has expanded and became somewhat rubbery and bouncy.  
You can clearly see the egg yolk. Too bad, I accidentally broke the egg before food coloring can be added to make it look even more interesting. Once the egg is broken, you will find that the egg yolk is no longer runny. If you have taken salty egg, you will know what I mean. 


CL said...

cool experiments and easy too!! Thanks for sharing...

BabyBooned said...

Great stuff! Love em n cant wait to try em!

Ps: we're only doing the chckn bones today! Hehe..