Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Florence 2012

Super happy that he was about to see his favorite landmarks for real!

Florence is indeed a beautiful place. One of my childhood wish was to visit this place because we share the same name! We spent 4 nights in Florence. It was not exactly enough when you have a young child with you. Places you can visit in a day are limited. Luckily Florence is not big and you can easily see the main sights by foot. Save on transport.

We stayed at La Residenza dell'Orafo, a bed and breakfast place. It is the best B&B we have ever stayed! It's located a few minutes walk from the main train station(Santa Maria Novella) in Florence, professional services with daily housekeeping. The staff working there were wonderful. Very polite and friendly. What made our stay with them even more memorable was that they gave us little surprises daily. Everyday after a long day of sightseeing we were greeted with a lovely basket of fruits and light snacks like biscuits and pastries. Our daily surprises were yummy puddings, cream puffs, fruit tarts and pastry. As a parting gift, they gave us a bottle of Chianti Wine and a box of chocolate biscuits for Reese.

Our Room
Welcome gift
Daily breakfast at a cafe near the B&B. We get to choose 1 mini sandwich, 1 pastry, 1 juice and 1 tea/coffee for each person.
They refilled our fruit baskets and biscuits and also little sweet surprises daily
One of our daily surprises in the fridge.

The famous Baptistry
The Duomo
The Duomo's  magnificent ceiling. 
Climbing up the Duomo's dome. 400 plus steps!
Beautiful view from the top
We were all so excited and sweating after the climb. We had to remove our winter jackets even thou it was about 2-3 degrees!
Another view from the top
The Gate of Paradise. One of the doors of the Baptistry
Piazza Della Signoria
Fountain of Neptune
Ponte Vaccio
Father and son
Santa Maria Novella
Lovely alleys
Playing at a big open space in front of Pitti Palace
Super rosy cheeks.... it's painful when I apply Coco butter. It's actually chill and wind burnt plus dryness of his skin due to the weather. 
Heavenly Food

First night dinner at Trattoria ZaZa and Reese got hit by jet lag and tiredness! He slept on the armchair while we ate dinner. No matter what I did, he just couldn't wake up! 
Nice interior. Trattoria Zaza
Ribollita. A famous Tuscan reboiled soup
Forgot the name but it's fresh mushroom and beef 

Penne with rabbit meat (Trattoria I Due G)
Famous Bistecca Ala Florentina. A whopping 1kg beef! It was superb. A must try! (Trattoria I Due G)
Fried vegetables (Trattoria I Due G)
Enjoying the cold air while waiting for a famous Trattoria to open for lunch
The famous Trattoria Casalinga
Cow tripe! One of Florence's famous dish. Really yummy.
Spagetti in meat sauce. My boy finished every thing!
Roast beef. 
This is the very famous Trattoria Mario. You will have to line up early to get in! 
Reese eating Ravioli in tomato sauce
Beef stew
Tips traveling with young kids

  1. Try to allow at least a day to recover from the plane ride before going off to see the sights. 
  2. Stay in a location that is central and has easy access to public transport. Kids tired out easily.
  3. Allocate a after lunch 'rest time' in the hotel to freshen up and recharge. 
  4. Bring along an empty food container. You can pack snacks while out of the hotel. Comes in handy. 
  5. Don't forget water bottles. Water is expensive. 1-2 Euro for 500ml or alternatively you can drink from the fountain. 
  6. Medication and thermometer 
  7. Wet tissues! ( I am a clean freak :) )


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Hahahah i was just thinking abt the similar name! ;) ooh the food looks soooo good.. I think H will drool over the 1kg steak u had coz he's really a meat lover

A gift from God said...

Oh...it's a must try BabyBooned!!!