Thursday, March 01, 2012

Day 12 (Paris)

We are suppose to be on the plane flying back but our flight got delayed. If we are lucky it would be a 12 hour delay. We will only know in a couple of hours. For now, we are put up in an airport hotel and have free lunch and dinner. Just had a buffet lunch and now resting in the hotel room waiting to find out when we can fly home. Reese was so weak this morning and kept coughing due to the cold wind but he seems happy that he gets to rest in a hotel room now. Hopefully after his nap he will be more fit to fly.


BabyBooned said...

Poor reese! I really hope he'll b ok on the flight. As for your hub's missing wallet... Wat r the odds?? I was pickpocket-ed in paris as well 10 yrs ago!!

MeRy said...

poor boy....get well soon.
Have a safe trip back to Malaysia and can't wait to read more posts on your holiday trip.

MommyAngel said...

Poor Reese. I hope you guys are back home having good rest while Reese is back to his old self again. Take care!

A gift from God said...


It's just crazy. All the unthinkable had to happen! Hahaha... now a bit phobia...hubby said we are not traveling for sometime! :)

MeRy and Mommy Angel,

Thank you! :)