Thursday, August 05, 2010

Birthday demands...

To date Reese had attended 2 to 3 birthday parties of his classmates at school. With the experience... he has started to ask for certain things for his up coming birthday! Yesterday evening while driving home we had a conversation about his birthday plans:

Reese: Mummy, I want 100 presents for my birthday!
Mummy: Eerrr... we will have a FEW.
Reese: No mummy.... I want 100 presents!
Mummy: (No point arguing) Oh...ok. What else do you want?
Reese: I want alottttt of balloons!
Mummy: Ahuh...
Reese: I want Mr. Frederickson's house with balloons birthday cake! I want alottttt of FOOOOODDD.
Mummy: What kind of food do you want?
Reese: I want nuggets, sandwiches, orange juice, cookies, KFC, mash potatoes, french fries....etc..etc..
Mummy: Can you and your friends finish all the food?
Reese: (Thinking hard) Nope...
Mummy: What about chicken wings? Do you want that?
Reese: YESSSSS!!
Mummy: What else do you want for your birthday party?
Reese: one hundred presents! thousands of presents!!
Mummy: mmmm....

How to get him 100 presents? :)


Ann said...

Give him one hundred kisses! :)

A gift from God said...

Good idea...but to him... a present must be wrapped in fancy paper with ribbons! :)