Friday, August 06, 2010

Teaching Reese...


Just recently realized that Reese doesn't recognize written numbers above 20! Mmmmmm.... he used to. He can verbally say numbers up to 100. I guess it's because I haven't really spend time teaching him math! So a few days ago, I started to take out a few math workbooks to teach him. Then I realized it's not that easy to teach math. Can't just rely on the books! Need to prepare some manipulative to teach him math concepts. Using fingers are not enough... hehehe...

I am never good at math so I guess I need to put in more effort to teach him. Now patiently waiting for his homeschool math program to arrive from U.S. We are going to try Horizon's Grade K math program.

English Reading

At least reading he is doing very well. He can read sentences with 4 and 5 letter words. He will eagerly sound out words that interest him. By using his phonics knowledge he is able to verbally spell up to 5 letter words (He can't write yet.). He can also comprehend very well what he reads. This is important for a good reader.

I have also ordered many controlled vocabulary reading books for Reese and can't wait for them to arrive from U.S.

So far, his homeschooling is still very informal and I think I will keep it this way till he is 5 years old. He is a child that cannot sit still and he learns best when he is interested in the subject.

We will be starting him on a science program from Apologia. The first subject will be on Astronomy and we will spend 1 year on it. It is going to be really exciting and fun. Can't wait to do it.

As for general literacy, science, history and geography, we will be using Sonlight's Grade K program. The theme will be an Introduction to the World: Cultures .

Can't wait to receive all the materials!! Stay tune. I will definitely snap some pictures of all the wonderful books. :)

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