Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Can Read and Spell!

Spontaneous learning while waiting for food

Reese is now able to spell pretty well. He can't write but he can spell orally. Mind you it's not easy to spell orally without visual aids for a young child. I am really impressed with Reese's progress in reading and spelling. Today, while waiting for our food to be served at Old Town White Coffee.... I started to write words randomly for Reese to read. My dear son can read everything I wrote. Almost 80% of the words he has never seen before. That is the power of phonetics.

He can spell or read any word combination with ay, ee, oo,a..e, i..e, u..e and etc..
Example: kite, cake, play, take, shrub, plane, speck, track, spade, hook, tree, flute, cube, vane, sky, snow, swim etc...

I think for an almost 4 year old child to spell 5 letter words. It's pretty amazing. :)

I cannot stress enough that phonetics is really the best way to lay the foundation for reading and spelling in a young child. As the child progresses, you slowly introduce sight/high frequency words and then words that cannot be read phonetically.


MeRy said...

Great achievement...well done.

A gift from God said...
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Mummy Moon said...

well done ! My daughter is going to be 4 but she is not at this stage yet.. She still cant spell any words. Any good ways to teach the kids to spell and memorize the words ?

A gift from God said...

Thank you MeRy!

Mummy Moon,

The best way is to teach your child phonetics. They learn the sounds of the alphabets and learn to blend the different sounds. if they can read a word that can be read phonetically, they can spell automatically. No point memorizing how to spell a word because eventually they will forget at this age. If they know phonetics, they can read and spell any 3 to 5 letter words without having to memorize and they won't forget. No rote learning required. :)

If you are teaching her at home. Use www.starfall.com . It's a free phonetic reading program. It's very good.

Mummy Moon said...

thanks for sharing this useful info with me ya!