Thursday, August 05, 2010

Is My Boy Naughty?

Mmmmm.... a difficult post to write. It has been six months since Reese started playschool. He loves going to school and never had separation anxiety. BUT.... there were some problems at school.

Problem 1
He doesn't like group time. He will opt to exclude himself when it comes to group time. The teachers allowed him to read or draw while the rest had group time hoping that he will join in eventually. It went on for a few months and still he doesn't want to join in. So the last few months, he was gently force to sit in during group time. It didn't work. He cried, fuss alot, screams, shouts and purposely disrupt the group time session.

Problem 2
He doesn't want to learn with the teachers. The moment he see worksheets he will run away to avoid the teachers. All he wants to do is play! So again, the teachers let him do what he wants for the first few months and then tried to coax him to do some learning. Sometimes it worked. At the end of the first term, every child went home with a file filled with their work but Reese... only a piece of drawing that too was not coloured(The other children coloured theirs). *sigh*
The teachers told me that he will only learn with them when he wants to. I don't mind if he is not learning much at the moment(mummy teaching him at home and he is way ahead of his peers), but I am concern about his attitude and lack of discipline. He doesn't follow instructions. That is not good.

Problem 3
I think Reese can't take pressure. Well, what kind of pressure? eerr... Mummy has been telling him to behave, must join group time and must read with teacher. Cannot throw tantrum, Cannot shout and scream..... threaten him a bit. Light punishment when he breaks his promise...... Teachers trying to be more firm with him....etc...
end result?

I don't want to go school! But..... the moment I said ok... lets go home... he will shout "I want to go school!"

Did alot of naughty things at school like:
1. Purposely scream and shout during group time so that the rest of his friends cannot listen to the story.
2. Spat at friends for fun!
3. Tore some pages of a book.
4. Once threw food on the floor.
5. Throw the materials (various learning tools) on the floor and even the bin!
6. Disturbed his friends while they work with their materials or worksheets.
7. When asked to do reading he will cry really loudly but sometimes he will read. And he can read well. He is reading sentence with 4 and 5 letter words with me at home.
8. Swept the materials from the tables.

* Doesn't do these things everyday. They were incidences from the last few weeks.
*At home he is an angel. Never did any of the above.

So my question is.... is he considered very naughty??? Why does he behave like that at school? What can we do to help him to behave better at school and take instructions better? Could it be because he is the only child in the family?


Ann said...

Maybe he is not used to the schedule. With your encouragement I am sure he will be better in time.

No, I reckon he is not naughty. :)

Warm regards,

A gift from God said...


It's been more than 6 months. We are all encouraging him all the time. I guess we just need to be patient... :)

Thank you for saying that he is not naughty... hahahaha

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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