Monday, August 23, 2010

National Science Centre

Racing with daddy to the second floor of the Science Centre

Rocket demonstration

Putting water into a plastic bottle

Pumping air into the water filled bottle

Retrieving the rocket bottle

Two weeks ago we took Reese to the National Science Centre. A really great looking place from the outside. Upon entering, it was still great until we started exploring the various science exhibits. So disappointing. Many years ago, when it was all new, I was quite impressed but not anymore. Many of the exhibits are no longer working and the place was quite empty.

The place feels a little dead. I wish the government will do something to improve and upgrade the science centre. By the way, it's free entrance. They used to charge but not sure why it's free now.

Nevertheless, Reese enjoyed his first visit and we took him there again last Sunday and had a chance to participate in a science experiment. Only 3 families including ours participating in the experiment. Sad isn't it? Hardly anyone at Science Centre. I have yet to explore the outside of the Science Centre. We will definitely go back again. It's a great place for kids to play....lots of space! Reese did learn something from the Science Centre. He can tell you what plasma is! :)


Baby Darren said...

hey..i wanted to bring Darren to Science Centre since 3 weeks ago but always has something come out and at the end we never make it.

I thought they have refurbished everything and should be better but how disappointing to hear what you have said...

Anyway, will still want to bring Darren there as I believe he will still learn something from there.

Hope to see you there one day..hahaha....

A gift from God said...

Well, it may be disappointing to me but for a child... it's a great place to run around and just play... I know Darren will enjoy himself there because Reese loves it! By the way... plan your visit close to 12pm because according to one of the staff, they have life demonstration around 12pm on weekends.

Yeah... hope to see you there... will probably go again in 2 weeks time... :) They have a nice little play area for kids.. even your little girl girl will enjoy herself... :)

ѕ∙ʜᴜαи said...


How long has it been since we've last seen each other? :( I miss you lots, we should really visit each other someday.

*BEAR HUG*! I miss it. :) ♥