Saturday, July 31, 2010

Art Work by Master Reese

At 3 years 10 months plus, these are some of the wonderful art work my dear son has produced. His drawings were largely based on things he watched on tv and lessons from school and mummy.

(Inspired by a friends birthday party at school)

Mr Frederickson's house with balloons, flags, vane, fungi and snows
(Inspired by UP)

(Inspired by watching Planet Earth on Jungles)

Mr Frederickson's house and fireworks

Fungi and leaves
(Inspired by school lesson on plants)

(Inspired by watching fireworks)

(Inspired by a story book)


MeRy said...

well done...

MommyAngel said...

He is really getting better and better each day! And his drawings are so colourful too ....

Leona said...

He is really a genius!

A gift from God said...

Thank you mummies.... :)