Friday, July 09, 2010

Curiousity led to other things....

Just a few weeks ago I read about how a little boy took an interest on his mummy's breast... I was like... hehehe... that's tough.. how are you going to teach the child about breasts and touching them and appropriate behaviour towards others?

Today I was in shock. As usual I went to pick Reese up from school and I was told that one of the teachers wanted to have a word with me. Guess what she said?

"Reese disturbed his other friends and teachers today. He went around pulling ribbons on girls dresses, putting his hands under the teachers skirts and t-shirts!!!"

I didn't expect this! I was stunned for a moment. I felt so embarrassed with my son's action. All I can do was to tell him he can't do those things to his friends and teachers and took him around to apologize. Gosh....

I noticed that Reese did take a little more interest on my breasts a few times and once he even commented that I have bigger breasts and daddy and him have small breasts. Sometimes he even touches my breast and look up to me, waiting for some kind of reactions!

Mmmm.... I really have no idea how to go about such issues.... can you imagine when he is much older? How do you deal with things like he discovering more about his penis and pleasures that it will give him? Yikes.... can't imagine that..... How do you deal with such issues??


BabyBooned said...

aww... sigh.. unfrtunately i think this is something all mummies of boys would go through at some point. gibran gets really curious too about breasts and makes remarks about them once in a while, esp. when his cousin shamel is around coz shamel just loves making remarks like "tetek! malu! eeee!".. otherwise Gibran's not really bothered about it coz i told him the truth.. and i guess the truth isnt as impressive when u think about it.. hehehe.. i told him that all humans have breasts but girls have bigger ones because they need to give milk to babies when babies are little. just like other mummies like cow mummies and pig mummies and so on. and i show pictures of animals breastfeeding and he also sees his aunts breastfeeding their babies. and i tell him not to touch my boobies in public (once in a while he does this!!) because how would he like it if other people look at his mummy's boobies? he said he hates other ppl to see mummy's boobies and he soon stopped after that. heheh.

but well, every kid is different and u know your kid best. i'm sure u'll find the perfect way to handle reese and eventually he'll grow out of this phase.. ;D

Irene said...

my william is jst past 2 so i guess still early for him. right now he's a "gentleman" when he sees me pee without closing the door, he comes in, smile at me, then walks out and closes the door for me. but breast and penis? mm...i gotta follow blogs of mommies with boys more to learn how to handle next time.. hehe

Anonymous said...

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A gift from God said...


Reese somehow lose interest in the subject after a week. :) So for now... everything is smooth sailing...and I used your method to talk about breast and he seems to understand. :) Thanks.

It's really fun being a mum and facing all these issues... ahahhaa

Sure provided it is a suitable link.