Thursday, July 01, 2010

Having fun making up and reading stories

After months of off and on impromptu reading sessions with Reese (since he is still young, I do not force him to do reading with me), he can finally enjoy reading short stories created by mummy with controlled vocabulary!! I am so happy. Not only he read the stories but he actually understood the sentences and had a good laugh. He is beginning to enjoy reading without having to sound out every single word! Yesterday I wrote a few short stories and we had a good laugh. Below is one of them (It was really silly but with limited words... this was the best I can come out with!):

"Dad and mum are sad.
Reese is on the jet.
He is going to see the moon.
The moon is in the net with the sun."

Reese can literally read any 3 letter words with vowel combination. He has gasped the concept of blending different sounds together. I am also adding more sight words to his reading using the look and say method. At this stage, a combination of phonetics and look and say method works well. I only spend 5 to 10 minutes a day on reading exercise. But yesterday was an exception! We spent more than 20 minutes on reading! He was really enjoying the silly stories.... :)

Today I am going to make up more stories with controlled vocabulary and introduce spelling using alphabet jigsaws and next week I am going to teach him consonant blends (4 letter words). I can't wait for the day he can read story books on his own! :)


BabyBooned said...

he's such a smart fella, he really is!

A gift from God said...

Thank you Thank you! :)
He learns fast but very short attention span. Will only learn when he wants to. So teaching his has to be done spontaneously (when he is in the mood) and super short lessons! (5mins-10mins)

So far it is a joy to teach him... no forcing... hehehe