Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Science co-op update

I am so glad that I initiated a science co-op group for Reese. It is a lot of fun and educational. Even parents are enjoying the fortnightly meeting. Yesterday we were talking about more than just science classes, we were thinking about outings and even camping. It is wonderful to have a group that meets regularly and support each other. So many possibilities when you have like minded parents. 

Some shots taken from the last 3 co-op classes:

Learning about the Muscular System

Learning about the Digestive System

Learning about Health and Nutrition


Angie said...

Hi! I thank God I found this blog. I can feel nothing but impressed by Reese and of course you. I'm 16 and not satisfied with education nowadays..., had been coaxing my parents to let me homeschool myself, but failed miserably. I've long lost my passion and urge to continue to go to normal school (I currently go to international school, I should say they're slightly better than national schools *sigh*). I find school can't satisfy my curiosity for knowledge and I feel like it no longer feels like an effective/ productive place to study. Seeing students these days and how they just aren't interested/ merely grateful to get a good education, it indirectly bugs me to get stuck within a 'negative' surrounding. When I read this blog, I'm simply awed and inspired by how you thoughtfully devote yourself into Reese's education (deep down, I hope I was born with parents like you, only I wasn't). I know it's still such a long journey to go, needless to say, this blog inspires me more to homeschool my future children... Say my hi to Reese, nice to meet you, GBU :)

A gift from God said...

Dear Angie,

I am honoured that you feel inspired with my I wrote. :) You will have a super bright future ahead. Do not blame your parents for they may not understand or perhaps fear of venturing into alternative learning. I am sure they want the best for you and they are doing what they know best. It is good that you are already thinking of homeschooling your children! You will be the next generation of parents who will bring make homeschooling mainstream! :) GBU girl.... go go go!

By the way, I am sure you are already homeschooling yourself! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Florence,

Just wonder if I could join science co-op with your group next time when the event is up again?

A gift from God said...

Hi Anonymous,

Our science co-op is a close group and at this moment, we are full. Sorry. Perhaps in future and if you can leave your email here. Thanks.