Monday, December 03, 2012

Great Books to Share...

Some random great books Reese and I read recently that is worth sharing...


It is about the adventures of a house painter and his brood of high-stepping penguins. One event led to another. It would keep you in suspense one moment and ease you with laughter the next. 

One of Reese's favourite has to be Goony Bird Greene. This is a book that cleverly teaches story telling/writing. Reese found it hilarious with Gooney Bird Greene's "Absolutely true stories". This book is laugh-out-loud funny!


This is a fun book that introduces science and the 3 main areas: physics, chemistry, and biology. It comes with funny commentary that guides the reader through the scientific method and some science history. It is entertaining and educational.

This is also a fun book that takes you on a journey throughout the human body with good description on the various functions. The book is informative  and also comes with funny commentary. Great graphics too.   

 This book gives a basic overview of the history of Beijing. Every page is filled with drawings. 

Inside this guide to outer space, you'll find everything from detailed planetary topography to the most current facts and figures about our amazing universe. Great photos too! (Available at BookXcess)

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