Monday, December 24, 2012

Our Adventure in a Week

December is a fun month. I have almost no work and able to take Reese to different places for different activities. Below are some of the activities and places we visited recently.

Kidzania (RM55-Child, RM35- Adult: Max playtime 5 hours)

Finally after months of its opening, together with some friends we went to Kidzania. It was madness because it is the school holiday season. Reese only managed to do 4 jobs. He had a blast and I paid Rm50 for 3 nice photos of him. We spent 5 hours in there and yet it was not enough. We will be going again soon in January when school reopens. It should be less crowded.

Muzium & Galeri Bank Negara (Free)

We visited the Children's Gallery which was quite fun. They have some well thought out activities for children. One of Reese's favourite was printing money! Then we went to another gallery and saw a vault filled with real gold bars and stacks of money. Not sure how many millions in there. In order to view the inside of the vault, you have to key in a passcode. The date when Malaya formed Bank Negara I think(1959).There are 6 galleries in all but only 5 are open to public at the moment.

Reese's newly printed money!

Printing Money

Money tunnel

Planetarium (Show RM6-Adult, RM4-Child and free entry with show ticket)

After visiting the galleries in Bank Negara, we drove to the Planetarium to catch 2 shows. The Solar Storm and Journey to the Star. Very cheap. Rm6 for Adult and RM4 for Child per show. Each show is only 25+ minutes and they are projected on a dome shaped screen. Really cool. In between the show Reese happily played at the antigravity booth with other kids. 

Trying out the toilet in a space craft and playing in the antigravity booth

Waiting for the show to start

Science Centre (Free for members, public is RM5-Adult and RM3-Child above 7 I think)

One of our usual hang out. Spent sometime playing and then to the resource centre. We also went to the Star Trek exhibition. For RM20 per adult and RM10 per child.... it's not worth the money. We are no Star Trek fans by the way. :)

The Star Trek exhibition

Reading more Astronomy books

Since we have been zipping in and out of KL town, Reese had a chance to look closely at some of the old Malaysian architecture. He drew this after he saw the Abdul Samad Building in town.


Muna said...

Thanks for the heads up on startrek at national science. We're not fans of startrek too. Hehe. We went to the museum and art gallery bank negara too. My kids loved the children's gallery! Took ages to get my kids out from there.

Love your son's masterpiece! Keep it up!

A gift from God said...

Thank you Muna! :) Reese was only interested in printing money!