Monday, December 03, 2012

A Productive Day for Reese

Reese's latest art. Untitled piece of an ancient city in China with a unfinished structure (left) reaching up to heaven. Lots of details in it.

Reese also 'invented' a time machine. Here he explained his creation. :)

Reese is also into chemistry. He is currently interested in the different elements in the periodic table as well as atoms and molecular structures. Self study.

Something funny to share:

Yesterday at Snowflakes, Midvalley
Reese: I am tired.
Daddy: Why?
Reese: Because we are about to have dessert which is high in glycemic index!
Daddy: What is glycemic index? (The daddy didn't know what it was)
Reese: Hehehehee (Cheeky boy refused to tell his father!)

Honestly, if I didn't 'study' with him, I wouldn't know what glycemic index is! :) This kind of conversation is pretty comment in our household. Reese is constantly telling us things we have no idea about. Very often we have to search the net to find out what he was talking about and we do learn a lot from Reese.

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