Monday, December 24, 2012

Big Bad Wolf Sale 2012

So.... last year at BBW I spent a lot of money. This year I told myself I cannot spent more than half of last year's budget. I think I did it. :)

This year's BBW sale was ok but children's selection was not as good as last year. I went a total of 3 times to look for good books and of course to redeem my next year's preview pass!

1st time - I took Reese with me for the Preview Sale. I was hoping Reese would distract me enough to leave early and thus spend less but my boy was such a good boy! He sat at corners and read for a few hours while I dug for treasures.

1st buy

2nd visit - Crazy me woke Reese up the next day at 6am and we went book shopping again! 

2nd buy

3rd and last visit - Yesterday after breakfast, hubby was kind enough to take me to BBW in hope to get a badge to redeem a preview pass for next year and we did it. Got even more books and even found a book that I was looking for since the 1st visit. 

3rd buy

Yesterday night we went to BookXcess to redeem the letter for next year's preview pass and we bought another 2 Horrible Geography books....


lydia said...

Wow. Did u buy all those for ur boy? N he manage to digest all that? Amazing.

A gift from God said...

Yes, I bought all the books for Reese except a cookbook, home deco and juicing books are mine. Most of the books are for him to read now and a few are for future reference. :)

Anonymous said...

i still dont get it, how do you get preview pass? can u explain...heheh thanx :)

A gift from God said...


Do you have a name? :)

Anyway, you can get a preview pass when closer to their next BBW sale. They will announce on their FB page. During the recent sale, they gave out a few hundred preview passes for next year. So if you want one, make sure you LIKE their FB page and wait for the contest next year. :)

MeRy said...

Alot of good books...