Friday, September 21, 2012

The past few days...

Created stained glass pattern on mahjong paper.

How cheeky can he be? Drew a grave for his Ahma (Paternal grandma)

Making fun of his Ahma (Paternal grandma)

The construction of a 30 storey building in 15 days and the fall of it in minutes.

Reese decided to show us where some of the world famous skyscrapers are located in the map. All the cities Reese plotted were correct except 2 places which was slightly off.

Discovering the Maya civilisation. Can you see the archeologists digging at the top and the Mayan town buried underneath layers of sediments. 

Reese's first ever 3D structure. Built completely by himself. He did this yesterday.

Reese's mansion

Comes complete with a nice looking garden and some ruin

It also has machines and cannon

Giving your children unstructured playtime allows them to create freely. Do allow more playtime rather than academic work.

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