Friday, September 14, 2012

I Am A ZooKeeper: Zoo Negara

 We went to the Zoo! Reese's second time to the zoo. It was quite fun. We saw some animals (lack of time) and enjoyed the activities prepared by the zoo. This is a special program organised by one of the mummies. We paid Rm45 for 1 adult and 1 child. The purpose of this program is to let children experience some of the things zookeepers do daily. The children were taught to prepare snacks and playthings for some of the mammals at the Mammal Kingdom section.

The lovely zookeepers and the co-ordinator

Going into the zoo!

A short briefing

Taking the tram car

One of the first animals we saw

Working hard to entangle the rope

Mom, I got one!

Reese really enjoyed this!

Some kids were assigned to poke holes into the banana stem and then stuff raisins and bread into them. They are preparing some snacks for the porcupines!

Mummies helped cut up meat for the Hyenas and Civets

Even the little ones had a great time helping out! She is painting a pinnate for some animals to play!

The zookeepers preparing twigs for the kids to make cages

Oh, this is really yummy!

Busy making holes

I made this twig cage

Then we put in some meat and bread

Reese helping to cover/hide the food with banana leaves

Mom! all done

World biggest rodent. Capybaras! Not too long ago we read about them and Reese was really excited to see it for real.

Snack time!

Can you see the cages we made? These are civets

A hyena sniffing the cages

A caterpillar

Reese wanted to sit with the tram driver at the front

We donated some money to the zoo and this macaw came and took the money from Reese

One happy boy. 

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