Thursday, September 06, 2012

Abstract Painting Again!

Master Reese decided he wanted to do abstract painting again and right after dinner he started his creation aka mess! Every other minute I have to add more newspaper as Master Reese kept calling me to tell me that he got paint on the floor! He had a blast though. Getting bolder and bolder with the spattering! Then it got on to his feet and hands and he started to complain... anyway... he thoroughly enjoyed himself. Poor me had to clean up the mess. There were footprints in black paint everywhere including the study room! So much for sacrificing in the name of art! No wonder artists always have a special room to themselves for art creation!

It's fun mummy!

Urrrgggg.... mom! I got paint on my foot!

See the mess in my living room?

Nice piece and somehow it looks like a piece of leaf reducing to only its skeletal remain!

Then he decided to write Chinese characters...

The aftermath... I dreaded the clean up...

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lydia said...

Wow, you are very brave. I can't imagine allowing my kids to do this.