Friday, September 07, 2012

Tanjung Tuan Light House Field Trip

We took a drive to Port Dickson. Meet up at a HS family home and had lunch. The kids played for a while and then we drove to the forest reserve. Meet up the rest of the homeschooling families and up we go! 20 minutes hike to the light house. It was fun. Once at the top, everyone were busy exploring the light house compound. 

Later we were given a tour of the place. The adults got to climb up the light house and wow! the view from the top was breathtaking. Too bad, it was hazy that day otherwise, the view will be even better. After the light house visit, everyone went down to the beach where the corals were and silly us got the wrong instruction and hike down thinking that we were suppose to meet there. So we ended up missing the beach fun. Original plan was to go for satay dinner but instead we went home and had Hj Samuri's Kajang satay at UpTown. :) It was a fun trip but we were all dead tired at the end.
Warrior Reese. After lunch waiting to go to the light house.

Little discoveries here and there, a kind of fruit/plant that monkeys love to eat

Daddy took a day off from work to join us for the field trip! The start of the hike.

Lots of big and tall trees in this forest reserve

The Tanjung Tuan Light House

Need to write in to get special permission to enter the light house

One of the older kid brought along her sketch book to draw and observe nature

All of us enjoying the view after the 20 mins hike

Kids found all kinds of bugs

The spiral staircase to the top of the light house. Sadly, kids were not allowed to go up.

Yikes! Dead lizard and the kids were poking at it and having fun!

The light house
Another shot of the light house

Running freely... even had a chance to pee in the open space!

All getting ready to take a group photo

The view from the top of the Light house... it was breathtaking!

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