Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Art Prodigy

We found Dr. Ellen Winner, Professor and Chair of Psychology of Boston University and also a Senior Research Associate of Harvard Graduate School of Education to look at Reese's work recently. She confirmed that Reese is indeed an art prodigy. We knew Reese is special in our hearts of hearts but it feels good to have an expert to confirm it.

"Reese's work is stunning.He is extremely gifted! I'd call him an art prodigy. Instead of insisting on optical realism, his drawings are fluid, playful and filled with movement. They remind me of the childhood drawings of Paul Klee." Dr. Ellen Winner

We made a video to showcase some of Reese's best work from his very 1st drawing at 3+ years to 5+ years. Hope you will enjoy the video. Do SHARE this video with your friends as we are trying to help Reese gain some exposure in hope to find some sponsors for Reese's 1st solo exhibition. The reason we need sponsors is because we are not selling his work (We have many enquiries). We want to share his work with others especially children to inspire them to pick up a pencil and draw and let their imagination soar! It is Reese's wish to have the exhibition. If you want to follow his art journey, click LIKE on his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/reesematthewkam

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