Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Science Fair was absolutely fun and educational!!

This the first science fair organized by some great homeschooling parents from MHsN. It was a great success. Children and parents alike had lots of fun. It was also a very educational event. Science explained in simple terms easy enough for young children to understand. The best part is most of the experiments and presentations were done by the children themselves. Parents carefully selected topics and experiments that their children understand and able to do it on their own. Laughter was everywhere and you can hear all the 'wooohhhh' and 'wahhhhh' through out the event. Participants were between the age of 3 and 10. We parents had fun too. The fair was held in a hall of an apartment. simple set up and the quality of the experiments and presentation can compete with school science fair! Can't wait for the next science fair. My dear Reese has already decided that he is going to do plant science. Why and how do plants rot! :)
Nice art work! All about Stealth and Survival
Crystal Ice and a few other interesting experiments

This was good stuff. It teaches you more about electricity
A child demonstrating how electricity works  

Reese love this. Magic Milk!

Eeerr.... forgot what this was... something to do with clean energy and how it can power homes
Lovely.... great for younger kids to learn about matter.
A child demonstrating an experiment

The Solar System model
Reese and his work
Reese presenting to the judges
We had some really young admirers of Reese's work!
The science of baking! :)
Water tension
Underwater Volcano... Reese trying out the experiment
Having fun with dry ice!
Kids were all ohhhs and ahhhs with this dry ice demo
Magical bubble!

Reese was really proud of his achievement. Showing everyone back home! :)


lydia said...


Mumsgather said...

This is incredible! I missed seeing this earlier as I was not feeling well. Reese is truly blessed with parents like you. :)

A gift from God said...


I wish I had these fairs when I was schooling!!

There are many great parents out there that are very proactive in their children's education... I just tag along... :)

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