Thursday, July 26, 2012

Construction Blocks (LEPAO)

Lepao blocks. The ones on the left are more than 8 years old and the one on the right is the one we purchased secondhand. 

Many years ago, my aunt gave me 2 construction sets (incomplete) for kids. At that time I didn't think much of it because I do not even have Reese yet but kept it anyway for my students to play with. About 2 years ago, I came across the same set at Popular Book Fair and immediately wanted to buy it. Too bad, it was priced almost RM400 per set. Too expensive. So did not follow up. Last year, Reese was really into building things and sadly I forgot the name of the set! I was trying my luck on the internet but couldn't find the same set. Last week, on a Facebook community, a mummy posted that she wanted to sell a set of construction blocks for only RM170! and you guess it right. It was the same set that I wanted so badly!!! I managed to message her and booked the set before other mummies. :)

Insisted on carrying the heavy case home all by himself! He was so excited to play with the blocks

Yesterday Reese and I went to pick it up and it was really worth it! It is almost new. This set of construction blocks is from Taiwan and it is called Potential-Inspiring Blocks (LEPAO). Very durable and the ones passed on to me were still in good condition. Easy to use and you can build anything you can think of. 

Lepao blocks comes in a case. Convenient when traveling.
We built a ferris wheel. It can turn and the carriages move like regular ferris wheel. Very easy to assemble.
Reese created a country fair. It comes with a roller coaster too.
He used Lego figurines for his fair.
He spent a lot of time on it. 


LittleLamb said...

He is really creative. Hope he dont get bored and will continue with more new designs with the blocks. I think I saw Popular selling them during one w/h sale. One headache I have is "after playing and keeping them"..hence we have many loose items in the house!!!!

BabyBooned said...

i love this thing! never knew what they were called though. lol. well now i know.. lucky u to grab the set!

A gift from God said...

Thanks mummy! Little Lamb, the parts are not that small!

If you are keen, they are going to be at Popular Bookfest next month. 18th-25th! So be there to grab one set! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, May I know anyone is interested to sell their set? If you are, please contact me at

Daryl Lee said...

I just bought one set at popular. Cost me rm419! Told my 6 year old son if you wanted it, you have to work to get it. So we made a written agreement which he drafted. He promised to clean the toilet bowl, sweep the floor, eat the vegetable, clear the living room. For the first time, he actually did those things.:-)