Monday, July 16, 2012

Preparation for His 1st Science Fair III

We are almost there! Today Reese will have to finish the rest of the diagrams and decorate the presentation board. We also got him to present his project to us and he did really well. He is such a natural. :) Can't wait to go to the Science Fair tomorrow. So exciting. One thing though, I hope he will be willing to present his project to the judges and not play hide and seek! 

Daddy chipped in to help us with the presentation board. I am proud to say that Reese did all the writing and drawings. Mummy and daddy only help with the layouts of his work. Reese chose his own topic and my role is to guide him on how to present his project with relevant information suitable for his age. It is a fun learning experience for both of us. I learn to respect my son's decisions and allow him to do what he thinks is right. Reese learns to present his thoughts in writing, drawings and making use of models. He learns to take pride of his work too!

Our presentation board
Daddy helping to label Reese's diagrams


Linda said...

impressive!! looks like a job by a much much older kids...

A gift from God said...

Thanks Linda! :) His talent in drawing helps a lot!