Friday, July 13, 2012

Preparation for His 1st Science Fair

We are all excited. Next Tuesday we will participate in our first ever science fair. Organized by homeschoolers and for homeschoolers. There will be judging involved and some ribbons to be given away but the purpose of the fair is to give the children exposure.

Initially I chose Tornadoes as project topic but Reese rejected it. Instead he said he wanted to do a project about 'How earthquakes forms and how they cause tsunamis and volcanoes.' This mummy is always doing things at the last minute. So yesterday I told Reese we had to work on our project and get it ready for Tuesday's fair. He happily said "Ok! Let's do it."

Took an hour or so to research on the main topic and gather information. Show them to Reese and we had a discussion. Don't really need to teach him much. He just understand. In fact, at one point, while labeling the layers of the earth, Reese told me that melted rock is also known as Asthnosphere! This mummy wasn't paying much attention! He even changed some of the sentences with his own wording.

When we work on the diagrams, I told him it should be done in a certain way but he refused to follow my way. I only managed to help with alighment of the diagrams and sentences! But surprisingly, everything came out neat and beautiful!! Total accumulated time spent on 3 diagrams was less than an hour. I was in awe. I should have trusted my son's ability. His father was surprised that he did everything himself. The father thought I did the writing! Honestly, Reese has pretty nice handwriting even though he hardly writes in manuscript.

Will update more when we get the rest done by this weekend. 

Layers of the Earth

World map showing the major plates. Reese drew and coloured the entire map all by himself. Totally no help from mummy.

Types of fault lines as illustrated by Reese. He even changed some of the wordings!

One happy boy.

Being creative: First fault shows roads with street lamps, second shows bare roads and third shows a city on the fault line.