Tuesday, July 31, 2012

NEC Jungle Walk in FRIM

Remember Reese went to FRIM sometime back and did the canopy walk and he was complaining about the dirt and all? Yesterday he was totally a different kid! :)

We joined the NEC jungle walk at FRIM and it was very enjoyable and fun. Just a few families and we had a lovely picnic after that. We had fun learning about the jungle and various plants and insects that can be found there. Next we went jungle trekking! The kids got to climb up and go under logs, jump over little streams, pick up various leafs and seeds, listen to different insects sound, looking at fungi and towards the end we had to use a rope to go down a very steep slope. Kids were thrilled and my boy actually slide down on dirt, hold on to the roots and stones for support, getting all dirty without complaining! it was definitely a first. Hehehe..... 

Getting ready for the jungle walk

NEC supervisors

Seed of a tree with a web inside

Kids having a discussion

A seed sprouting!

Peacock fern. It changes colour when you look at it at different angle.

A Cricket

An ant colony

This tree is about 70+ years old.

Kids linking hands to surround the tree.

Trekking in the jungle, Reese had fun going over and under various obstacles

Do you know bamboo is a form of grass?

Beautiful. It's like a jigsaw puzzle. We were told that this can only be found in FRIM and no where else in the world.

This is a forest ant and it is huge. About an inch long!

Fungi can be found everywhere

The steep slope

Going over a huge log

Having fun on a very big open space

Another fungus we found

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