Friday, October 17, 2008

What does Reese talk about?

At 24 months and 17 days, Reese's speech has improved tremendously with him constantly babbling about things. For the record, these are some of the things that he talks about.

Where's it?
Where's daddy?
Where's the little star?
Where's the butterfly?
Where's the balloon?
Where's the naughty cat?
Where's my control? (looking for the remote control to get us to switch on the TV)

What's this?

There it is!
There... that's a daddy...
There... castle...
There... book...

Mother! mother!
Whenever Reese wants to barge through a door, he will call out 'mother mother mother mother' as he runs towards the door... just like in one of the scenes in Cinderella where one of the stepsisters discovered a mouse in her breakfast teacup and she screamed for her mother running out of her room and then into her mother's room.

He likes to tell us what is going to happen in the cartoons that he watches. He will tell you at least 2 scenes in advance like:

Oh! coming....
Cat drink milk milk...
Gust!! Gust take corn....
Cinderella pom pom (bath)
Chicken eat corn...
little mouse coming...
Pumpkin... horse carriage... (pumpkin turning into a horse carriage)
Gust take key...
Queen mother... (wants us to forward any scenes involving the queen mother.. he a little scared)
Seven dwarfs coming...
Hi ho... hi ho....hi ho....
blow candle...
Snow White sleeping...

Sometimes he will ask for things in full sentences:

Mummy read book.
Mummy watch Cimberella (Cinderella)
Daddy come.
Go playground.
Mummy make train.
Mummy fix (something).
Mummy wake up.
Kong kong sleeping.
Daddy buy potato (KFC mash potato)
Eat chicken/mee mee
Drink water/juice/carrot juice/soup
Change clothes.... wet wet...
Wash hand/face (time to play water while mummy brushes his teeth)
pluck yellow flower/ stars
sit mummy car

He knows alot of words. It's growing every day. Yesterday we taught him the word 'shin mui' (sour plum) hahah... he loves to eat preserve fruits that are a little sour.

A few weeks back he surprised us by saying BAJU wet wet. I guess he learnt that Malay word from his kakak. :)

Longest word that he can pronouce well:


Way to go Reese..... there are just so many things that you talk about that mummy is finding hard to keep track.


andrewjune said...

there will be more and more things to babble in the coming years :-)

clever boy reese!

Moomykin said...

It's always wonderful to talk to a child, and especially your own. The connection is really magical. :)

And so there will come more days of endless chatter!!

Leona said...

It's so enjoyable and fascinating to hear those words/sentences from a cute little 2 year old.. with his innocent voice.

A gift from God said...

Dear mummies,

Talking and hearing Reese talk is one of my highlights of the day....never get enough of it...hehe