Thursday, October 09, 2008

Food update

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So happy... why? because Reese finally takes porridge! After the HK trip, I tried to make mince pork with carrots porridge last week Saturday and he actually took half a bowl. I was so encouraged. My boy has adult taste bud. He likes his porridge with spring onion, a little pepper and a little sesame oil. Oh...also a little ginger. Those baby porridge he didn't like. Weird huh?

Anyway, yesterday I tried again. This time, I use slices of fish. Wallah..... He eagerly open his mouth and kept asking for porridge and finish a big bowl of it! Phew..... so happy.... :)

I always wonder how you can make just enough porridge for a little one without having to waste....usually... you will end up with more than enough for a little one to finish in one day. So this is what I did and it works really well. Try it.

First - cook porridge in normal plain water. Just put enough for 1 person and make sure it's not watery.
Second - Once porridge ready, add in chicken stock to the thick porridge and let it simmer.
Third - Add in meat and vegetables and let it simmer and keep stirring. If your child likes watery porridge, than keep stirring and add chicken stock until desire texture.
Lastly - After a good 40 minutes, I have a yummy bowl of porridge just enough for Reese to consume for 1 meal. :) No wastage.

I always prepare a big pot of stock, usually once a week and store them in containers and freeze it. I uses them to make Reese's meals. Very convenient.

Oh, Reese also likes home made fried chicken. So for one of the menu, he will take one big drumstick minus the skin and a bowl of soup. :)

Latest Menu

Fried Chicken with a bowl of soup.
Fish porridge

The Usual Menu

Creamy mushroom/fish/vege soup with abc pasta(All time favourite)
Maccoroni and Cheese (Kraft-Premium Original Mac & Cheese) (Current favourite)
Cream sauce pasta (don't like it much these days)
Mee Suah soup
Peanut butter and banana sandwich
Breakfast cereal with milk
Digestive biscuits with milk
Banana(favourite), mango, papaya and grapes (used to take alot but lately...don't really like)

New Snacks

Any juice that is sweet (he never like sweet drinks except he is more willing to try new things)
Chocolate - Thanks to Kevin Cheah's yummy milk chocolate, Reese actually likes it. But we hardly give him, not good...hehe
Prunes - He likes it alot at one time.
Chocolate milk - He likes it but doesn't take alot.

I still don't give him junk food and sweets.

Outside Food

KFC - chicken and mash potato (can finish 1 to 2 drumsticks without skin and a regular mash or at times just one large mash potato)
Fish and Co - mushroom soup/fish chowder and fish (Usually Reese takes a kid's meal that comes with fish and chips, he will finish the fish and extra from my fish and also a bowl of soup. He doesn't take the fries)
MacD - Fries
Chillis - Macoroni and Cheese and chicken fingers
Italianis - Cream sauce pasta
Hawkers - Any clear soup noodles. As long as he has his mee and kueh teow. I know the yellow noodles are not good, so I am slowly adding kuew teow(flat rice noodles) and hope that he will take more of that.

So now, when we eat out, especially hawker, we have more choices, just have to make sure there is noodle soup! It's definately less expensive than going to out usual restaurant or fast food. :)

I think it's getting easier.... when it comes to food and also with the help of PSP we can have a more relax meal too.


Ann said...

Glad that he is eating well!!! Big boy already now dont have to think so hard when you want to eat out!

Leona said...

Yey! Reese sure likes a wide variety of food. Wow.. can eat 1-2 drumsticks at KFC... he sure likes good food!!

A gift from God said...


Yeah, it's easier to eat out now and cheaper since we can go for hawker food...hehe


Oh yeah, Reese loves good food and he likes very strong taste too... and I think he is a big eater.... lucky he is not fat...just nice...haahha