Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Things He Said that Amazed Me....

Mummy: What happens when all the ice melt in the Arctic and Antarctic?
Reese: Oh.... it will be a world wide disaster! There will be floods everywhere just like in Noah's ark. People will die.

Reese: Never so feared and loved ..... (forgot part of his sentence but it was amazing...)

Reese: Ohhh.... I don't want to be near the river! It's so stinky and dirty.
Mummy: What happens when it's stinky and dirty?
Reese: It's pollution mummy. It's bad for us.

Reese: Mummy, do you know what is a greenhouse?
Mummy: Err... do you know?
Reese: Yes, it's a glass house. Plants can grow in it.
Mummy: Oh I see, do you know what is greenhouse gasses then?
Reese: Gasses that traps the heat and makes ice melt.

During the three days ban of Ipad:-
Reese: (Woke up) Mummy! my plants have wilted! I need to harvest the plants! Please help me harvest the plants otherwise they will wilt! Please... (He is into Smurf game where he builds and manages the Smurf's town)

Reese: Mummy, can you count snow?
Mummy: No. It's not countable.
Reese: Mummy but Popo said snowS!

Reading Pompeii buried alive:-
Mummy: What are these layers called? Do you remember we learnt it in Science?
Reese: (thinks hard) Sedimentary rocks!

Mummy: Reese, what is a hobo?
Reese: A person who has no home....

Reese: Mummy, I still don't want to go to heaven. I don't want to die yet. I don't want to grow old.

Mummy: What is another word for big?
Reese: Gigantic, huge, enormous!

It's amazing isn't it? His memory and vocabulary are incredible. He tends to correct our pronunciation and grammar too and he is not even 5 yet. Even a student (12 years old) of mine was amazed by him and commented, "Aunty Florence, for a 4+ year old child his vocabulary is impressive!".

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