Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Got lost but.....

Today we went to Popular bookstore to get some stationery. While browsing for some files, Reese decided to test his own bravery by walking away a short distance from me and hurried back to find me. I told him to stay close and was quite cautious making sure I knew where he went.

He was enjoying himself. After a couple of times of disappearing and appearing, I begin to relax and continue browsing for files and minutes later I realized that Reese did not appear and I thought he could be playing at the children's section. Another few minutes passed and I still did not see him, so I quickly went over to the kids area but couldn't find him. I started to panic... calling his name and the next thing I knew, I heard a kid crying and immediately knew it was Reese. I ran out of the children's corner and found Reese walking hand in hand with a security guard. He was crying and mumbling "I lost my mummy" repeatedly. Phew!

After Reese stopped crying I asked him what happened and he said:

"Mummy, I lost you and I went to a person who was not a bad man to help me find mummy!"

**At least he knew how to seek help! :)