Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stories through drawings...

Reese loves telling stories through his drawing. As he draws, he tells us the stories. He doesn't draw for beauty but rather drawing is a way for him to express his thoughts. He is back to drawing 5 to 6 sheets a day.

Mount Vesuvius in Italy and the city of Pompeii. It shows the eruption of the volcano.

Another picture of Vesuvius eruption with the slow flowing lava (the lines looking like veins) coming down towards the city.

In space. A rocket just landed. A few astronauts complete with space suit. An American flag. Can you see the craters?

An airplane collided with the cumulonimbus cloud or was it a house in mid air. A man escape using a parachute!

Reese's garden (inspired by FarmVille). He said he grew pumpkins, grapes, artichokes, beans and some other things.

God's temple. Flaming touches everywhere. See the sign that reads GOD?

The battle of Jericho. Check out the soldiers (stick men) armed with spears and some other weapons.
Heaven guarded by two angels holding flaming touches

Instructions for us to fix the 3D Statue of Liberty we bought. He was frustrated with my excuse of not having the instructions to fix it. So he drew this and said "Here mummy, I have the instructions for you. So fix the Statue of Liberty for me!" Hehehe...

In Japan. This is a game according to Reese. 'Chop Chop Ninja'

Another game. Tower Madness. Aliens and weapons.

Mr. F's house going pass a few landmarks and got bombed. Can you tell which landmarks Reese drew?

See the Ipad Advertisement? Behind the billboard you can see many landmarks.

This is New York City. It's close to the sea. Can you see some people near the fountain?
A movie.
A twister in New York


mumsgather said...

He is really gifted in drawing. Its amazing.

A gift from God said...

Thanks MG! :)