Monday, June 13, 2011

Gaming Addict at 4 years 8 months Old

My son is into gaming! He is hooked on a few games on the Ipad and even one Facebook game.
Day and night, my son thinks about his crops: plow, plant and harvest, earning coins, saving coins to buy decorations, building and decorating... given a choice, he can be with his Ipad the whole day!

I told hubby he may very well be a gaming addict and it's all our fault! His current favourite games are 'Smurfs', 'Bugs Village', 'Farm Ville', 'City Ville', 'Go Go Gadget', 'Tower Madness', 'Chop Chop Ninja'.

You people must be thinking what kind of parents we are....hehehhee..... Well, I do limit his play time. But on weekends, well, he gets to play many hours.

Reese did learn some basic concepts about buying and selling, the need to work to earn money and save up money for purchases... He learned about food. He knows many vegetable/flower/fruit names like brussels sprouts, artichokes, lavender, tulip, cranberries... He learned some basic strategies to defend and conquer and now comfortably uses terms like cannons, electrocute,bomb, shoot, blast, aliens...

So it's not so bad.... :) Hahahhaha....


BabyBooned said...

u dont have to feel bad about yourselves coz gibran is also a game addict! he conquers his baba's htc at every chance, he's a whiz at most of the games (most of the high scores on angry birds are his!) and he can go on for hrs if i let him! and dont let me get started on how he gets when he gets hold of his cousin's psp and ipad. he's been asking for a psp and also ipad but i've said no so far coz i'm trying (trying!) to wait till he's a little bigger. worried about him dropping it coz he's a little clumsy when he's over-excited! hahahaha i'm a stingy-mummy, i tell u!

A gift from God said...


Am I glad to hear this! ;)
Better wait, once you get the ipad, there will be alot of frustration and control issues!