Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TV Privileges Removed, Effective Punishment? Nah!

The last two weeks were not very good for Reese at school. Most days I got complaints from his teachers over his behaviour. So last Friday I really blew my top! I got so mad with Reese that I told him as punishment, he will not have Cartoons for a whole week and really threaten him that he will not be going back to school! (As I type this, he is standing next to me reading my post!)

So did it work? Nope. He never even bother to ask for any TV. He happily plays with his toys or read his books. He can really live without any TV! *S0 proud of him*

Anyway, today he was behaving well at school. Really cracking my head what else we can do to get him to behave! Rewards are short term solution. Threats are not working too well either.

Going to make a reward book for him to be used at school. 1 yellow sticker for good behaviour and remove a sticker for bad behaviour/or he will be given a red sticker for really really bad behaviour. If he gets a certain number of red stickers, he will be punished like taking away certain privileges. Collecting a certain number of good stickers will allow him to redeem a certain reward. I wonder whether this can work at school.....

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