Saturday, April 02, 2011

At 4 Years 6 Months Old

Reese is finally 4 and half! Another 6 months and he will be 5! Why is time moving so quickly? I miss the little baby Reese. I have been looking at his baby photos and videos and sometimes wish I can go back to some of those moments.

For some reasons, I have been seeing a lot of baby photos of friends on FB and some mummy bloggers. They are so cute and I am drooling with envy. Mmmmmm..... still considering whether to have a second one! :)

Anyway... back to my sweetheart. He has grown so much. We are so lucky to be his parents. We love him so much. We are learning to understand him better and is working hard together with his teachers to help him behave and fit in better in his current school environment. He is scheduled to see the developmental pediatrician on 3rd August 2011. We hope to have some answers to his behavioral problems at school as well as a conformation of his giftedness.

He expresses himself very well and super cheeky. He is still very sensitive to loud noises and sometimes bright lights too. He is very sociable and is a little giant for his age. Everywhere we go, people will think that he is at least 6 years old. He is also very demanding and expect you do act immediately when he ask for something.

Reese loves building things and creating scenes or situation during pretend play. He is a child that needs a lot of space when it comes to pretend play. He creates situations like a town/airport got hit by an earth quake, tsunami and flood, castles with draw bridges with soldiers guarding and war broke out, going camping with fire place and fishing pond and clothes line and etc....
As he plays, he will narrate to us what is going on. At times, when we are too tired, Reese can really mess up the whole house. No kidding. Every corner and available space will be filled with his toys. We cannot remove or touch them without informing him (He has a superb memory so we can't trick him).Otherwise he will throw a big tantrum and sometimes became hysterical! He is quite a perfectionist.

Besides play, Reese loves to draw. He draws regularly. He loves to tell us stories through his drawing. His drawings are always based on his own life experiences. He still doesn't like drawing people. He loves drawing castles and fireworks the most. His drawing skills has improved as well. He doesn't like coloring but when he does, he does it very well.

Outdoor skills still lacking. Must be because he is hardly outdoor. Doesn't know how to ride a bicycle yet. Need to work on that (we have to buy one first!). He only likes to run and jump around. :)

He is very cautious when trying new things. A lot of times we have to force it on him before he realized that there is nothing to be afraid of! Some improvement though, he is no longer afraid of moving rides. He enjoys them very much now. He is still afraid of water though. Anything to do with water is a no for him. Even going near a lake is a big no no. He thinks that he would drown! My boy will think of all the possible bad outcomes associated with water!

Academic is way advance. Grandma is teaching him a little bit of Chinese. He seems to like it. He is learning Chinese characters too.

So in general, my boy is a happy boy and growing well. I thank God for such blessing. Amen!


MeRy said...

A big boy....Happy 4 y and 6 months old....

LittleLamb said...

Indeed u are blessed with a good son. Praise God for his good growth in the area of academics and skills.

A gift from God said...

Mery and LittleLamb,

Thank you! God is good!