Monday, April 04, 2011

Art At 4 years 6 months Old

Reese draws all the time but it has somewhat slow down as compared to a few month ago. Now when he draws, he 'draws' a story! He tells you what is going on in his drawing. He draws with a purpose and most of the time, he draws very quickly without caring whether it is beautiful or not. He just want to tell his story though his drawings! He usually completes a drawing in less than 5 minutes and when he is really in the mood, he can take up to 20 - 30 minutes working on his drawing or sometimes a few sessions to complete it.

He only likes to draw and not colour but when he does colour, he does it very well.

He loves castles. He coloured the above all by himself and added some fire works on the left picture and a sun and fountain (in pink) on the right picture.

In a city. A rocket blast off with sparks and falling debris.

A cumulonimbus cloud. Lighting strikes the communications tower and electrical cables.

Check this out. He was trying to draw lanterns hanging over our heads across the arch!

Tornado. House and fences got swept away!

Right at the top you see a flat and tall volcanoes erupting. Second row depicts a house with palm trees. Next row was a jungle and the next row was a huge cherry bush. Next different types of flowers and the last... can't remember what Reese told me. :)

Hot air balloons around sleeping beauty castle.

His favourite. Sleeping beauty castle with shooting fireworks.

Reese said this is an extinct volcano with houses built on it and can you spot the twin towers?

Fire in the forest

Homes with open windows and lots of lanterns and street lamps

A home decorated with a big fountain and hanging lanterns on street lamps.

Hot air balloons at Putrajaya and see how he drew to show a part of the hot air balloon flying behind a part of his castle (right). Below the hot air balloons is the bridge.

Reese said this is the Pantheon. See how he tried to draw those Doric pillars.

Sometimes, he draws really pretty pictures like this one. Most of the time he draws to tell his story and not care whether the picture is beautiful or not.

Rarely he draws with different colours. This is one of the exception.

Inspired by the dancing and sing flowers in Alice in Wonderland

The four seasons. From left, clock wise - Spring, Autumn, Winter and Summer.

Reese's art work on the school board. Parents that saw his work were impressed. Even the teachers took an interest at the way he draws. Reese is very proud of his art work when it is on display. He gets to draw during group time or whenever he doesn't want to join in an activity. He has his own permanent set of markers and A3 paper at school.


Leona said...

O-M-G! Speechless! Amazed! In awe!

The teachers at his school never gave any further comments about his drawings...??? Or perhaps any TV programmes have enquired about his talent???

A gift from God said...

Teachers never really said anything exceptional and definitely not the TV programmes...hahaha

We are just glad that there is something he likes doing and having fun. :) We just keep a record of his art pieces and posting it on this blog.

We know he is good at drawing but is it exceptional... we have no idea and probably notlah.

Nina said...

his drawings are awesome! my hub teaches arts and he thinks its awesome too when i showed them to him ;)

A gift from God said...

Hey Nina,

Thanks! How's the baby coming along?

Merryn said...

Nice artworks there! love it! :)

Martha J. Lee said...

lovely art work for his age!