Sunday, April 03, 2011

Our Loot for the Month

10 'I Wonder Why' books for Reese and 'What on Earth Happened?' for Mummy

We went to BookXcess yesterday and came back with some books! Reese's little library is growing. If you are looking for some good general knowledge books for kids (not too complicated) then now is the time to go BookXcess. They have about 3 different series for children (5-12 years old) on general knowledge. We bought the 'I Wonder Why' series (they have about 10 books out of xx books in this series). RM12.90 per book. They also have '100 Facts' books about pyramids, planet earth and etc. There is another series... can't remember the name. Oh, they also have some Reader's Digest compilation books on some interesting topics. Better go now before these books go out of stock.

Father (playing Ipod) and Son (reading a book) while waiting for me

Really engrossed in the book

Aiya! Reese found out that I was snapping pictures and quickly cover his face with a book!