Thursday, December 10, 2009

Maid gone and we are glad!

Phew... after coming home last Thursday night from our holiday, I was busy with chores and getting things in order without the help of a maid. So busy and just no time to blog...actually there is but too tired to do so. :)

When I found out my maid ran away... I was shocked. Then I sat down on the hotel bed and started thinking... what now? Immediately we arranged to Skype with my parent's in-law to get some things done and after all that I was actually feeling good! No more maids (unless I am pregnant again) for us! Indonesian maids really cannot be trusted no matter how high their salary is and how well you treat them. I am one of the naive ones who thought that by treating her well and giving her a premium salary I will be assured of her services and no running away problem.... well I am dead wrong. I will never trust a maid again. Ever. They are just so disappointing. Not to mentioned that my ran away maid was an expensive maid to maintain. She is petite in size but her appetite was like a horse. As an example she takes 4 to 6 pieces of bread for breakfast! Takes 4 meals a day. She was also wasteful in things that she uses. Ah... so many things to complain but I will spare all of you! :)

Anyway, with her gone, one less person to feed and supervise and most importantly we have our privacy and freedom back!

The past few days went by so quickly! Hubby and I was busy doing all the chores and it was exhausting but we are not complaining. Hubby is the happiest because his dream came true... no more maids! Ha... :)

To reduce the chores, we started to lower our standard of cleanliness like only sweeping and mopping twice a week and avoid opening the windows and doors too much. No more steaming of Reese's drinking bottles (about time). No more ironing of house clothes.

As for me working and handling Reese at the same time, I am getting there. We are training Reese to feed himself. So far so good. He is able to do so but needs supervision. It's ok, at least I don't have to feed him and while I teach, my dad can supervise his feeding. I have to plan his meals properly and have them cooked ahead of time and it must be food that he can easily feed himself. Next year Reese will be going to playgroup kindy for 3 hours 4 times a week and that will be much easier for me. We will hire a part time maid to clean my parents place while keeping an eye on Reese on one of the days when I am out the whole day teaching. My father is always around to watch over Reese but he has mobility issues (suffered a stroke many years ago) and thus cannot do many of the physical things for Reese.

Since Monday, my daily routine is something like this:

Get up at about 6am, prepare and pre cook Reese's lunch, pack all the necessity for the day to bring to my parent's place. Give Reese his breakfast, brush his teeth and change him. Do some cleaning here and there and then drive Reese to my parents place or the office depending on the day. If at the office, Reese will play while I work for a couple of hours. In between got to make sure he is not creating a mess or being too mischievous! Feed him his lunch and then back to my parents place. Give him a shower and then my dad will watch over him while I clean up after his shower. If I have a class, I will teach else I will sweep and mop my parent's place (1 to 2 times a week). Then get Reese to take his nap if my dad can't get him to do it. After that, back to more teaching and by the time I finished all my classes, time to give Reese his dinner and then prepare to go home. Get home have dinner with hubby, rest for a while or more chores and then get Reese ready for bed and by this time, I will also sleep.... so tired.

So far, I can still manage. Hopefully after a week, I will be more efficient. Hubby is also helping out with the chores even thou he is dead tired after work but at least we are happy.


LittleLamb said...

I'm sure u can managed..somemore with hubby help too.. but if u find urself too tired or have lack of time..can consider part time first lo....

post ur europe pix ya

Baby Darren said...

Welcome back....time flies and u are already back from holiday....

Well, I do agree life without maid though more tiring but nothing can compare to the peace of mind and privacy that u can have.

If not becoz I am pregnant, I will opt to send my maid back too. Now, i think I will stuck with living with maid for at least another 2 years or so...sien....

Anyway, i'm sure u can manage it since Reese is already big.

Leona said...

WOW what an early start to the day! I can imagine how tired u are by the time your head reaches the pillow at night!

I guess having a routine after a while will definitely make things smoother.

Yeah to NO MAIDS! I am a campaigner for no maids. I like the privacy! Rather do things our own than to depend on someone else and to watch them all the time. At the end of the day, all the exhaustion can be worth it but well, only thing is very little time for ourselves.

BabyBooned said...

hang in there, trust me, it WILL get easier. in a couple of weeks u'll get into the routine and things will be smoother.

indeed indon maids cant be trusted.. we were really generous with our maid and treated her well but she ran off anyway and only God knows why,huh? oh well, thats between them and God lah right..

mumsgather said...

I'm sorry to hear about this but perhaps it is a blessing in disguise. Now, you have your privacy back, everyone in the family works together to maintain your household, you have one less person to worry about and Reese will become more independant, not to mention that you wills ave lots of $$$$$$ too. :)