Friday, December 25, 2009

At 3 years 2 months and 25 days

First of all... A Blessed Christmas to everyone! It's Christmas day and it's now 6am. Can't sleep anymore and thought maybe it's time to update on Reese before I get too lazy again.

We had a quiet Christmas Eve this year. We went to Coca Restaurant for dinner and it was disappointing. The food quality has dropped. Then hang around 1U and took Reese to Toys R Us for some window shopping. Let him tried on a pair of roller stakes and guess what? he had so much fun in them that he refused to take them off! He has been asking for a pair of skate ever since he saw some kids skating at BSC rollerskate ring. He is somewhat fascinated with them. It was fun watching him enjoying himself so much with the skates and we were laughing non stopped with daddy trying to help him skate and he even insisted that we don't help him. He can't even stand..haha.. but he enjoyed the falling part! Crazy boy. That was our Christmas Eve. Tonight we will celebrate my Dad's birthday with a small family dinner. Reese can't wait to open his big present today. :)


Reese is getting taller and probably heavier too. It's increasingly more difficult to carry him. These days... a stroller really is helpful to transport the sleeping fella! Most of his baby fat is gone and he no longer looks chubby, just solid. :) We just bought him a pair of sneakers and he now wears a size 12!

Food wise, will eat more variety. He can't take spicy food. His food portion now is mostly adult portion. He loves chicken rice. He will finish 1 bowl of rice with a drum stick and sometimes ask for more rice! When he takes noodles whether dry or soupy, he will finish the entire bowl minus the soup. He loves sweet and sour dishes. Will only take vegetables when hidden in his food. Still loves his fruits. Loves Chocolate (the only sweet we give him occasionally). Feeds himself 95% of the time. In fact, when eating out he will request to feed himself. So proud of him.

His vocabulary is constantly growing and now he uses words like artificial, silhouette, dismantle and able to tell you the difference between a condo and apartment.... He speaks in almost perfect sentences now. Speaks with a slight American slang. His pronunciation is very good. Talks non stop. He picked up some Hokkien from his paternal grandparents while we were away on holiday. Forgot most of his Mandarin words... haha.. no practice. Can say a few Cantanose and Bahasa words. Need to work on his Mandarin. Can do simple addition like 1+1, 1+2...1+14... can count to 100 with help. Haven't been teaching him lately. Too lazy. Will do a better job next year. Getting his next level of homeschooling books soon! Reese is not very interested in writing or drawing or colouring but I have been teaching him how to hold the pencil and he is a lefty! It's confirmed.

He is very active but we realized that he can't really kick or catch a ball well! Can run and climb very well. I guess we did not let him play outside the house enough. :) Got to work on that. Getting him the skates soon and also a bicycle. A boy needs to learn to be a boy isn't it?

He is much easier to discipline these days. Understand what punishment is and when threaten with that, he will stop his nonsense. We make him stand at a corner or take away certain favourite activities or things as punishment. Overall, he is considered a good boy. Most of the time he will not cause trouble. Still gets bullied by other kids every now and then and never fights back. Reverse psychology works very well with Reese.

Surprisingly, he rarely ask for TV these days. Most days he will play with his toys and books. On days we are home, I have to turn on the TV for him... mummy felt that he needs some TV time... haha. He loves building things and arranging things in rows or whatever he fancies. We make it a point to display most of his toys at his play area (1/3 of our living room!) so that he will play with them. My house really do look like a nursery. :)

Reese still takes a 1.5 -2 hours nap daily and goes to bed around 9.30am-10.30pm. He is an early riser. He wakes up between 7.00am-7.30am.

Reese still can't sing in tune. Hehehe... he loves to dance and enjoys adult music too. Will start him on some music lessons soon. Most probably the Yamaha children course.

He is a cheeky and happy boy. More friendly towards others and will greet others when asked. He is growing up well.


LittleLamb said...

He is doing very well la. very independent already..& a smart boy too :)

A gift from God said...

Little Lamb,

Thanks. Your's is not far behind..getting bigger I see.. :)

BabyBooned said...

he is growing up well indeed! he's a bright, healthy fella :) its great that he's growing out of the terrible tantrums, thank goodness that was a phase for our boys, right?! phew. hehehe.

i really must think of a way to display gibran's toys more prominently. he doesnt play with em often enuf!