Saturday, December 12, 2009

Being Independent

Now that we do not have a maid, Reese is being trained to be more independent. He is feeding himself during most meals including soupy food. He learns fast and hardly spills or drops anything.

Yesterday I 'asked' for his help to do some laundry and he gladly helped. He helped me take the laundry basket out, take out the clothes from the dryer, fold up the clothes and put the clothes into their respective drawers in the cupboard. He truly enjoyed himself and we did everything in 20 minutes. I had fun too, we talked and laughed alot.

He also started to keep his toys on his own once in a while after play. He is getting there. :)

You know, in a way... Reese has become our mini maid! Because all these experiences are new to him, he just gets excited in doing them all the time! He will help put our dirty clothes into the laundry basket and take this and that to us when requested. Hope this will last... hahaha

Really proud of him that he is willing to learn and do some simply chores. He has always been pampered to the max and now he just adapt so quickly, it's quite amazing.

We are definitely happier than before. I especially love the time I spend with him in the car every day. We make silly sounds and songs, we laugh alot and I can be myself totally. Love it.


BabyBooned said...

i am one person who totally agrees with you!! LOL. we're so happy since our maid ran off too! sure there are rough patches sometimes, but when you think of the perks of NOT having a maid... its worth the troubles of chores.

LittleLamb said...

yeah.....its positive signs :)

A gift from God said...

Thank you mummies!