Monday, December 21, 2009

Child, Man and Woman...

Child: What is child doing?

Woman: Sitting in his carseat.

Child: What is woman doing?

Woman: Driving the car.

Child: Where is the man?

Woman: Man is at work.

Child: What is the child eating?

Woman: Cereal.

Child: What is woman doing?

Woman: Feeding the child.

Child: Where is the man?

Woman: Working!

My conversation with Reese lately. :)

Reese also started to ask WHY questions and answer them with BECAUSE...., he is exploring with the words BUT, SO and I THINK. He also uses the word WASTE like "I want to waste electricity", "I want to waste The Curve!" (Still not 100% sure what waste really means.. haha.. when we don't allow something.. he will say I want to waste....)

Some really long sentences that he is saying:

"I think the christmas trees at BSC is not lighted up."

"I wanna checked it out whether the christmas trees are lighted up at BSC."

"The white christmas tree is on top of Bangsar Village."

"The sun is going down. It's a sunset and so it's getting dark."

"Where is the KL Tower and Twin Towers? Oh no.. the haze blocked the KL Tower and Twin Towers. Got haze!"

"That is an artificial christmas tree and this is a real christmas tree."

"The Curve is closing and so must go home."

No time to give him any lessons except impromtu learning. One of them was taking him to the market at TTDI. A short visit (40 minutes) and he now can tell me what a butcher, florist, green grocer, fruiterer and a fish monger do. Going to the supermarket and letting him help with selecting fruits and vegetables... he learns alot more fruit and vege names. Effective learning when you have hands on experience! :)
Been busy with chores and getting used to the new routines. Reese has been good and learning to be more independent and playing alot on his own now. No need to constantly accompany him in his play but at times you can see that he is lonely and always excited to play with my younger students given a chance. For now, we are happy with him only and have no plans to have a second one in the near future. Hope having new friends at school next year will keep him happy and less lonely. :)


MommyAngel said...

Just wanna leave you a quick note wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family dear :)

A gift from God said...

Hey... MommyAngel,

So sweet of you... you have a blessed Christmas and a very happy new year too!