Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Toy Stories: LEGO Service Garage/Vehicle set & LEGO Classic 375 pc set

When: 6 September 2008
Where: Jaya Jusco
$: RM170

After our first foray into LEGOland, the bug hit mummy hard and we went on the hunt for more potential investments. Investment is truly the keyword here as it is more for mummy than Reese at the moment so he'll probably takeover the collection only in a couple of years time.

The first set we got came in a huge blue container and has enough pieces to form a little service garage plus a tiny helicopter and a jeep. It also comes with instructions to construct a few other things. We got to work immediately and the pictures below sorta shows the initial results.

The second set are classic LEGOs that does not have the curves of its contemporary brethren. Just plain old simple blocks that will surely work the imagination as it doesn't come with any instruction manuals.

Verdict: Reese loved the house that mummy built and the tiny helicopter initially but has since gone on his usual de-constructive mode and started tearing them apart.

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alhuie said...

hey! i didn't realise how big Reese has grown already! it's been ages since i last saw him. He's growing up to be a handsome little boy. :)

Hui En