Monday, September 15, 2008

Snippets of our daily morning routine

Every morning on a weekday, Reese will go to his maternal grandparents' house and spend the day there. Besides going to my office for 3 hours daily I also conduct most of my classes at my mom's. Before I go to the office, I will usually take him for a morning stroll.... it's a must else my little one will throw tantrum!!

First stop, must drop by a neighbour's place to watch his favourite brown rabbit. He loves to touch the rabbit.

Next stop, to look at his big green leaves...

Then...climbing up the stairs to go to the gym... in the gym room and then hike and seek.

Sometimes, if we don't go to the gym area, we will play bubbles near the swimming pools. When he is done with the above, he will settle down to watch his Mickey or Rocket and have his breakfast. If I have the time, I will feed him his breakfast else I will be off to work and see my precious later in the afternoon. While mummy's away... Gong gong will play and watch over Reese and then sleeps with him during Reese's nap.

If mummy has the time, Reese gets to go swimming too! Not bad eh?


little prince's mummy said...

Reese don't hv his own pets?

A gift from God said...


Nope.. he doesn't have his own pets. A bit too young isn't it? I mean.. he is not even two yet...hehe... don't want him to hurt any pets....