Thursday, September 11, 2008

10 days to go...

Yes.. 10 days to go before our first family trip overseas!!! Yippie...
Over the past 2 months we have been preparing ourselves and Reese both mentally and physically for the trip.

First we found out that Reese was afraid of the train. So we take him for train rides almost every weekend. We have conquered the Monorail, LRT and last weekend KTM trains. :) I think it's 95% safe to say that Reese has overcome his fear for trains. Last week he was standing on his own in the train and having a fun time going off balance!

Besides taking the trains, we also constantly show him pictures of airplanes, the exterior and interior, the pilots and everything thing about planes... didn't make it to the airport to show him the real planes...too far. Oh, we even got a PSP to entertain him during the coming flight! hehe..

We also explain to him that we will take him to see Mickey Mouse and his castle. Daddy even printed a full colour picture of the castle!
As for our part, we have been keeping ourselves busy over the weekends taking him for train rides, window shopping, places of interest like Genting, Zoo and parks... by doing so, we learned to manage Reese during his nap time outside the house, food and most of all improving our stamina in carrying him and chasing him around!

It's alot of hard work but it's definately worth it! hehe...

So where are we going?

Hong Kong.
Planning to take a night cruise to see the Symphony of Lights, a day at Disneyland and a day for shopping. It's a short trip.

  1. It's only about 3 hours flight. Not too long and since it's Reese first flight, it's better to have a short flight.
  2. Reese likes Mickey Mouse and friends and afterall, and Disneyland is suppose to be the happiest place on earth! :) It's also the closes Disneyland around.
  3. Daddy Reese wants to buy his Premium Zoids collection.
  4. I want to see both boys happy.... ok...and also some shopping.... :)
  5. Hubby and I deserve a break, we worked hard!! Haven't been overseas since 2005. Our last trip was to Orlando, Florida. We went to the biggest Disneyworld in the world. Hopefully, we will get to go again one day with Reese.
  6. Maybe get to eat some good food too.... not sure with Reese around that is possible..hehe


Cindy said...

Do consider bringing along a foldable umbrella to shade especially the little one and a light jacket or something warm might come in handy for Reese as it can get quite chilly on board the MTR when the train is moving. Have a happy and lovely holiday! :)

Moomykin said...

Have a good trip.

Take loads of photos and videos so that Reese can look at himself every few months from now and you'll be amazed at what he recalls and what he notices each time. They are just amazing!