Thursday, October 25, 2012

Universiti Putra Malaysia - Farm Visit

Our 2nd field trip this week. Yesterday we visited UPM to one of its farm. It was a very educational and Reese and I had a great time despite the heat! The staff were really nice and they even prepared lunch for us. City folks like us hardly have a chance to get dirty and learn about farming. So I was really grateful that we went for this field trip. The children planted some plants, learned some techniques along the way. They visited a small Tilapia fish farm, saw some cattle and even kampung chickens. We enjoyed this field trip very much despite the scorching sun!

Briefing by a really friendly Pakcik...sorry, forgot his name.

Reese on a padi planter machine

The kids were having fun exploring the machinery

Melon! Planted the hydroponic way

Mom! Look at this... 

'Bak Choy'


Kids had fun helping out with planting

My cheeky boy having lots of fun

Kids were excited to plant some seeds

So eager to plant...

Watching our kids have fun made all the parents happy too!

Busy arranging the plants

Pineapple shoots, all ready for the kids to plant

Learning to measure before planting

Reese's favourite activity, making holes for planting the shoots

kids having fun planting...

All he wanted was making holes

Staff preparing some refreshing Pandan coconuts for us to drink

everyone so serious with the 'job'

This is a vanilla plant

Helping to fertilise the vanilla plants

Break time! The staff actually prepared snacks and lunch for all of us. Such hospitality!


Tilapia fish farm

Kids checking out the huge fish cage

Reese was reluctant at first but eventually over his fear...

A red ant nest

Walking to see the cattle. They have both cows for meat and milk

Fresh grass for the cattle

There they are...

Special pellets are added to the cattle's diet

Kampung chickens...apparently these chickens can fly!

Ok..... this week is really crazy, we have 3 field trips in a row! One more to go.... 


Modern Farming said...

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Sue Chuah said...


May I know where is this? I have been looking for farms to bring my son too and this lace looks nice? Is there a contact number?

A gift from God said...

Hi Sue Chuah,

This is at UKM but need to get special permission to go.

小辣椒园 said...

May i know to go get the permission? Letter apply?